We are reinventing and modernizing sun shading!

Maillot de bain anti UV enfant et femme

To take care of yourself and your health

Our bodies are our most precious possessions. The skin is the envelope that keeps our history, our past, in memory.

At Nuvées, we know the importance of healthy skin for our overall health.

Many diseases, such as melanoma, which is the cancer that increases most strongly, could be avoided with effective sun protection.

That’s why we’re reinventing sun protection so you can enjoy sun protection. Our clothes are designed to protect you but especially to please you, to feel beautiful, to enhance your body.

Maillot de bain anti UV enfant et femme

To preserve our planet and the oceans

We are convinced that by acting on our own scale, we can protect our planet.

With our clothes, we want to offer a real alternative to sunscreenMore than 14,000 tons of creams end up in the sea each year and scientists are beginning to realize that the solar filters that make up them represent a huge threat to the marine ecosystemBy limiting the use of sunscreen, we can play an important role in protecting aquatic environments.

At Nuvées, we wanted to go further by putting ecology at the heart of each of our actions, for example:

We use fabrics based onrecycledor natural fibres.

Our materials are certifiedOeko-Tex Standard 100, to ensure responsible production

We pay attention to our packaging, minimizing the use of plastic and focusing on100% recyclable materialsor biodegradable

Maillot de bain anti UV enfant et femme

A project developed in the heart of the Alps, since Annecy

Behind Nuvées are two founders Claudia and Nicolas. We are based in Annecy, by the lake, which allows us to test our products under all conditions.

Many people have allowed Nuvées to be born and exist: engineers, stylists, modellers, many suppliers, graphic designers, photographers...

We hope that our collections, our images, our values and everything we do, please you as much as they animate us.

La genèse

Awareness of the dangerousness of UV often comes from personal experience. For our part, it all started with the announcement of a disease to Claudia, our co-founder.

"In 2010, I was told I had Lupus, an autoimmune disease, which every sunburn can make symptoms worse.
Every summer, I sought to protect myself effectively from the sun without using too much sunscreen that I find sticky, which is harmful to the oceans and which would also be potentially dangerous for our health. So I was always looking for clothes to protect me from the sun, but I’ve never been able to find one that effectively protects me and makes me feel beautiful and woman."

A few years later Nuvées was born!

Maillot de bain anti UV enfant et femme